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Friday, October 24, 2008

What do you know about Barack Obama?

A question I hope every voter asks before voting is; "What do I know about this candidate?" "Are they like me?" "Do they stand for my principles?"

I have previously written about this on this blog; and I am starting to truly beleive that BO has some scary skeletons in his closet. The secrecy of his campaign is questionable at best.

Do you know who Barack Obama is? Do you know what he truly stands for? What his principles and faith are? If so, please tell me because the evidence is inconclusive.

What concerns me more is that he has a strong chance of being elected, and people know very little about this man!! I get it. I was initially impressed and rooted for him against HRC in the primaries. Mostly because I was salivating over the end of the Clintons and enjoying the entertainment of watching Bill and Hill skwerm. But, then I started asking myself about my identity and his. And I can't seem to locate his.

So this is 1) a plea for help in identifying BO and 2) a challenge to those who will be voting to ask these same questions.

I offer a lengthy but worthwhile read from Neal Boortz (Libertarian talk radio host). He is by no means a Republican stooge for those who categorize mediums absolutely. Take a few mintues to read and ASK QUESTIONS!!

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  1. Boortz is one of my favorites.



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