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Monday, October 6, 2008

Subtle Hint at Obama's "Belief System"

When discussing his plan for America in 2004 on Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes on 26 October 2004, Obama had this to say:

"And I'm wiling to listen and be agnostic in terms of how we accomplish those
goals and using market mechanisms and be creative."

Although there are varying meanings to the word agnostic, the most widely accepted, and widely used form of the word can be found in almost any dictionary (www.yourdictionary.com in this case): "a person who believes that the human mind cannot know whether
there is a God or an ultimate cause, or anything beyond material phenomena"

No one is seeking to falsely characterize Sen. Obama's beliefs. Perhaps he's truly a Christian as he espouses, although it must be in the flavor of Jeremiah Wright, because he did attend service there for so long (I don't think racial hatred, or cussing others from the pulpit qualifies as true Christianity, but a higher power can sort that out). No one is suggesting that there's absolute proof that he has a Muslim tendency simply because he "misspoke" with George Stephanopolous during a recent interview about his "Muslim faith," or that he has long held associations at least all the way from his college days to Middle Eastern characters of dubious motivations. I'm not even trying to suggest that because Obama used the word "agnostic" in the middle of an obscure sentence about his policy beliefs that he is truly agnostic in his belief system. I am, however, asking that discerning Americans look at this man in his totality, and use your brain for 2 seconds and think about what his Freudian slips really suggest about his feelings towards our great nation.

His senior thesis is "confidential" and not shared with the public. His wife only recently became proud of her country because of the political gains her husband has made. The "waters will part" under an Obama Presidency, or at least that's his own opinion. What we're dealing with here is nothing more than the typical left-wing lunacy of the liberal elitist who think they know how to run your life better than you do. Morons like Nancy Pelosi blame the Bush Administration's "failed economic policies" for an economic crisis that the Democrats caused! Even Saturday Night Live made fun of Pelosi for that one (it must truly be painfully obvious for SNL to make fun of a Liberal). When President Bush was calling for better business principles, Democrats were pushing for mortgages for the less fortunate, at all costs. You just can't give someone who earns $1200/month a $1000 mortgage, and expect everything to just work out. Rather than let those companies learn a valuable lesson, the government has decided to bail them out...well at least some of them. This is a fiasco of historic proportions.

Right-thinking Conservatives should oust the House Democrats at all costs, but also the Republicans who cater to the every whim of the socialist media that calls for more spending. This entire administration has been characterized by acquiescing to the mindless liberal media, in the vain attempt at gaining some popular opinion. 'If we spend tons of money on social programs, the mainstream media will like us' so thought the Republicans. Well, I hope you all learned a lesson. While you were selling off your principles to the masses, the media was criticizing you for increasing the debt, and running a defecit. Economics isn't that difficult. Just spend less than you earn. Earn more (by cutting taxes and promoting business job growth) and spend less (by cutting frivalous programs from the national budget that have nothing to do with any Constitutional mandate).

The Republican movement will not win any crossover voters by trying to be liberal. Independents will just assume vote Democrat for that. What the people want is real leadership. John McCain may have been able to show true leadership more than not, but as a party (in the House and in the Senate) the Republicans have failed to live up to expectations and stay true to their principles. It's time to send a message to Washington, D.C. Write your Representatives and Senators (www.house.gov and www.senate.gov will lead you to their emails), and tell them how you feel about them abandoning Conservative principles). Rather than put an end to the party that brought you great ideas such as abortion and socialism, left-leaning Republicans may have put them in power...and it would be a tragedy of epic proportions to see a President Obama, Sen. Maj. Leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi all at the same time. Sphere: Related Content

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