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Friday, October 3, 2008

VP Debate Reaction: Neither won, but one strategy did.

Last night was a typical VP debate, statesman and inconsequential. Both Biden and Palin were very effective. Biden focused on tying McCain to President Bush, Palin focused on relating to mid-America. Both succeeded admirably.

To those seeking a winner, I would say neither or both of them won by delivering their message effectively. My question is who's strategy was superior? In my personal opinion, I think the Obama-Biden strategy for this debate, the previous debate, and the campaign has been to associate Bush and McCain. They are winning the war of words, despite reality and history, and it is working for them. If Obama-Biden wins in November, people will look back say one of their success points was defining McCain as another Bush. Similar to how we look back and say that Bush was successful in 2004 by defining Kerry as unpatriotic.

I hope that I am wrong. I hope that McCain-Palin's appeal to mid-America works with independents and the swing states. We'll see how the polls move this next week, but I think the Obama-Biden strategy was the clear winner of this debate.

Signing off...JCB

P.S. George S. has a good take on this: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/10/stephanopoulo-2.html Sphere: Related Content


  1. I hope you're wrong too, but the masses have figured out how to vote themselves money from the national purse.

    Remember the good old days?


    Now that's an electoral map!

  2. Both did well. I agree that Biden won the debate, though I felt Palin was much more personable. Even more so than McCain or Obama last week.

    I find it discouraging to listen to the Obama/Biden ticket talk about helping the middle class, when they've done so little outside of Washington to do just that. Biden has donated .3% of his personal income in the last 10 years to charity...that equates to approximately $370 each year.

    For a party that expects us to accept the mutual responsibilities of helping our fellow citizens, you'd think their leaders would start by setting the example.

    Perhaps we should all band together to do our patriotic duty and pay more taxes. Then the Democratic-led Congress can continue spending our hard-earned money on wasteful programs and pork projects.


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