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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too Little, Too Late?

McCain hit his mark tonight. He needed to be John McCain in the first debate. Hopefully this is the turning point.

McCains' hits:
  1. He finally, clearly distanced himself from Bush with his response, "I am not President Bush". He needed to do this early, BO has been running a campaign against Bush and is winning.
  2. He articulated the fundamental reality that BO is a left-wing extremist. He clearly hit the point over and over again that BO believes Government is the answer to all problems, tax and spend, redistribution of wealth, and the coalescing of power in government. BO never refuted his radicalism. BO never distanced himself from the far-left wing of the party.
  3. He highlighted that with Dem. in control and BO at the helm, spending will only increase. He tied BO to Herbert Hoover. Who, as BO plans to do, increase taxes and limit free trade forcing a recession into a depression.
  4. He raised the question of trust and BO judgement by association with Ayers and ACORN. It is late in the campaign for character question such as Ayers to have much impact. But, BOs ties to ACORN will continue to unravel. Now that McCain has made it an issue, we are likely to hear very little about it from the MSM ever again.

McCains' misses:

  1. BO set a trap with his "let's talk about issues" statement, which McCain followed up with the Ayers/ACORN associations. This may play badly as a negativity that has plagued McCain recently.
  2. He had other opportunities to highlight the key point that BO is a socialist, and didn't. Such as BO education proposals including coalescing more control and increase spending with the Government.
  3. His closing. He didn't tie it all together and make the final pitch that he is the experienced and BO unproven and dangerous. He could have delivered the trust and stewardship of the peoples' money better and articulated once again that this election is a referendum on free market capitalism.

Hopefully this ignites a tide in McCains' favor. He has ground to cover and he started the journey tonight. Hopefully he can continue to be the warrior and have a good closing game.

Your thoughts?

Signing off...JCB

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