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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The little campaign that could...

While every pundit and MSM news outlet continues to write-off McCains' chances, he continues to chip away at BO's lead.

With a week left to go, it is amazing the tide of pessimistic reporting for McCain. Given that his gap in polls is within the margin of error and that he is closing the gap (even in polls that had him behind 10% last week), I think he is making a late surge and could win this election!! Some of the articles I've read today help solidify my optimism.

Rasmussen has him within 3%
Gallup has him within 2%
RCP average (greatly skewed by the +10% polls lately) has him within 5.9%

Dick Morris makes that case that the remaining undecideds will break for McCain
Boston Globe article: McCain has a real chance at PA

Watch the Catholic vote

Get excited people!! 7 days to go and the comeback kid is on the ride!!

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