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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Iraq is the Central Front in the GWOT Despite Obama's Assertions to the Contrary

Sen. Obama: "As should have been apparent to President Bush and Sen. McCain, the central front in the war on terror is not Iraq, and it never was."

Gen. Petraeus: "Iraq is, in fact, the central front of al Qaeda's global campaign."

Sen. Lieberman: “the battle of Baghdad is increasingly a battle against al-Qaeda. Whether we like it or not, al-Qaeda views the Iraqi capital as a central front of its war against us.
Al-Qaeda's strategy for victory in Iraq is clear. It is trying to kill as many innocent people as possible in the hope of reigniting Shiite sectarian violence and terrorizing the Sunnis into submission.”

VP Al Gore: “Bush deserves heavy blame for … convincing himself that friendly relations with such a monster would be possible.” (talking about Saddam Hussein and President Bush #41…check out the video in its entirety below). Sphere: Related Content

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