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Monday, October 27, 2008

No Barney, that's not the type of drilling we need!

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen, especially my fellow residents of Colorado, THIS MAN WILL BE UNCHECKED IN THE CONGRESS WITH AN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION:

Rep. Frank calls for 25% cut in military spending.

While liberal "pundits" proclaim that President Bush was in charge of the country during the financial meltdown, therefore, he MUST be to blame, conflicts of interest on the other side of the aisle are blatantly ignored by all but Foxnews. While simultaneously calling for a 25% reduction in military spending, Rep. Frank has criticized Republicans for failings of the Democratic leadership! When Republicans cried out that Fannie and Freddie had no solid business practices as a foundation, Democrats proclaimed that they were "pissed" and denounced any attacks on Fannie and Freddie as racism or bigotry. Meanwhile, Barney frank is presumably still confused on the type of drilling we need in Congress. Fox reported recently that Barney Frank, an openly homosexual member of Congress, was involved in a relationship with a top executive from the top perpetrator of our financial meltdown.

**Note** The picture is just one found on the internet, and not proof of some conflict of interest...read the stories to find out more.

Of course no one (but FOX) reported that President Bush sought to fix this crisis in the very first year of his presidency! Barney Frank had an obvious conflict of interest, if reports of his gay relationship are true. In fact, he should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law!

Watch Dems get "pissed" at the audacity of the Republicans to question the great Fannie and Freddie (remember, this is a good vote-buying scheme for Democrats)...this was in 2004:

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  1. All right. I know you check these first so you won't be publishing this, but I nearly ruined the computer when I spit my coffee out on it this morning. Here I'm reading this nice homeschooling blog you may be familiar with, and then I flip over here, and there's a pic of Barney Frank feelin' up some guy. Gross. I may be alone here, but I had no idea the guy was a homosexual. Always thought it...kind of wondered...now I know.

    Very creative title, by the way. :)


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