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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joe "Nostradamus" Biden

The Great Prognosticator has spoken! If Barack is elected, the world will test his "mettle" within the first 6 months. So if you want the United States presence in the world to be; weak, untested, and unsteady in Jan. 2009, then Barack is your man!!

BTW, this is coming from Barack's most trusted foreign policy advisor!

This clearly only helps 1 person, Joe Biden.

First, it re-focuses the campaigns on foreign policy, executive preparedness, and comfort ability with the candidates as "Commander in Chief". All of these favor McCain.

Second, it sends the message that Barack is untested and the world will need to challenge him. Are we inviting ill-will with BO?

Third, it is a self-aggrandizing statement that is only made so if it were to happen he can say "I told you so".

Lastly, the most troubling possibility is that the campaigns have started to receive their intelligence briefings on the landscape of threats to minimize the ramp up in January. Is Biden hinting at some classified intelligence hypothesis? "I know something you don't know" unless you listen to Leaky Lehay.

Trouble, but may be the opening McCain needs to surge back.

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  1. According to CNN, Biden apparently forgot that reporters were at this particular fundraising event. Shortly after he made his remarks about Obama, he noted that he "probably shouldn't have said that" because he "didn't realize the press was there."

    If Obama's own VP pick is questioning his abilities to cope with the impending tragedy Biden has forecasted, has been criticized by Biden openly for negative ads, and has even had to listen to Biden tell America that he wouldn't want the job of VP...

    Hasn't he gotten the hint yet? Hopefully America has--that Obama is clearly not the man for the job. And if there's any shadow of a doubt, just ask his VP nod.


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