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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Barack not in Hawaii

Last night CNN reported breaking news that Barack was taking a few days away from the campaign to fly to Hawaii to be near his ailing grandmother. Reports are coming in that he is not in Hawaii but Hollywood taping Season 3 for VH1's The Pickup Artist.

Apparently the hosts of the show, seduction artist Mystery (Erik von Markovik), and his wingmen, Tara and Matador, have been astounded by Barack's talents with the potential voters that they have hired him as a consultant.

Barack, never being one to turn down campaign donations or the spotlight, jumped at the opportunity to display his inner Don Juan. Full details have not been disclosed but leaks of episode themes have started to hit the internet.

Some episode examples:
  • Barack and Mystery train the young apprentices how to swoon young college co-eds into a grass-roots voter registration scheme.
  • Barack and Mystery train the young apprentices how to be suttle but expeditious in relieving the weary workers of the weight of their paychecks while engaging them with deceptive oratory about "the greater good".
  • Barack and Mystery train the young apprentices how to scare up support for universal healthcare among the elderly through frequent disturbing visits to retirement homes. All while avoiding comparisons to the failed VA medical system, inaccessible European systems, and any reference to the fines imposed on those who can't afford the mandated coverage (ahem Massachusetts).
  • Barack and Mystery train the young apprentices how to manipulate the various media outlets into a surrogate of their choosing. They start with the easy targets, the big U.S. TV networks. The challenge continues to become more difficult as the encounter radio and the internet. The winner of the challenge must be able to silence dissension across all media channels and impose a fairness doctrine.

Riveting television to be sure!!

Signing off...JCB

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