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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Distinguished Economists Agree with McCain

100 Distinguished Economists from major universities, including 5 Nobel Prize Winners, agree that Obama's tax policies would be detrimental to our economy. Read all about it here!

Ladies and gentlemen, you don't need an advanced degree in economics, or to understand the intricacies of integral Calculus to comprehend the basic, fundamental flaw in Senator Obama's argument: he thinks you can 'trickle up' prosperity by taxing businesses. The same tired and old class warfare argument has been tried time and again. Unfortunately, with an ally like the mainstream media, a pragmatic approach to economic policy never gets much press. Senator McCain favors tax cuts in a time of dire economic need, while Senator Obama is playing the same old, divisive class warfare games. I've asked the Democrats time and again what they think would happen if they increase taxes here at home, and I'm still yet to hear a logical answer. The same Democrats like Colorado's Mark Udall who proclaim that Republicans reward companies for "shipping jobs overseas" are advocating the very policy that will cause businesses to look for actual business friendly places (e.g., Ireland). Small companies will first lay off millions of workers, and then the price of goods will increase. That coupled with a U.S. Government that thinks it can basically print money to solve an economic crisis will make a $100 bill worth half an extra value meal in the not too distant future. Sphere: Related Content

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