"It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt." -- JP Curran, 1790

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're all going to DIE unless Global Warming is Solved!!!

Democrats in Training:

Dem Trainee: Please help us! We're all going to melt! Just today Bush's policies caused snow to fall in Boise! That's proof of global warming...or cooling? Wait, I am confused, what are we blaming Bush for? Is it cooling or warming?

Dem Supervisor: Both. It's actually both. It was cooling in the 70's, and that didn't work well enough to shut down corrupt capitalists, so we are now trying warming. It's much more effective.

Dem Trainee: Well, what about when we get record cold?

Dem Supervisor: You see, that's actually global warming, as well. Basically it goes like this. When we have a hot day in July, that's global warming because, well, it's warm out. However, cold days in October, well that's also warming because the planet is making up for those hot days. It's really simple.

Dem Trainee: Ah, I see. What causes global warming?

Dem Supervisor: Well, it's basically jobs. The more productive society is, the more they drive. Airplanes are the worst, because of the large 'carbon footprint.'

Dem Trainee: Carbon footprint?

Dem Supervisor: Young ward, you have much to learn. Here comes Al Gore in his jumbo jet now to explain!

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