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Monday, October 6, 2008

3 Reasons to questions BO's judgement

1. Jeremiah Wright
2. William Ayers
3. Tony Rezko

BO and his campaign are ultra-defensive regarding BO's relationship with these 3 men. Makes me question whether there is serious concerns or if they are compensating for what they view as Swift Boat circa 2008.

McCain is right to address these issues. They shouldn't be the primary focus, but help to question BO's past, judgement, moral fiber, and intentions. In my opinion, McCain's key focus area should be to highlight that we are going to have a Dem. controlled Congress after 2008 and that we shouldn't put the most liberal Senator in charge of the brakes. Especially after Biden's response on his role as VP. I paraphase, but his comments from the debate said that he will be the Executives leader on legislative matters. Biden knows his way around the congress and can get things done. Translation: lots of spending. This will be free-for-all!!

Back to BO questionable allies, McCain will have a very difficult time cracking the MSM and getting them to pay attention to this. George S. at ABC used his podium at the Dem. primary debate to ask these questions, probably to help HRC. This may be a way in.

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