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Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain

Barack Obama likes to talk about "fundamental differences" between himself and John McCain. When it all comes down to it, the differences are in principles. In Debate 3, Sen. Obama was schooled in principles when McCain offered example after example of going against his own party in Washington, D.C., when substance mattered more than politics. Sen. Obama could only talk about a few votes that certain liberal lobbyist groups may not have agreed with. He did not cite one instance of going against his own party leadership.

McCain is pro-life. Obama is not. Not only is he not pro-life, he goes so far (to grab as many left-wing votes as possible) to deny medical care for babies that have survived botched abortion attempts.

McCain has fought for this country. Obama has not. McCain was a POW for 5 years, tortured, offered early release, and running in principle, McCain refused to leave his men behind. Others were captured before he was, and by code should have been released first, and he did our nation a great service in serving honorably. Liberals, meanwhile, spit on returning troops from Vietnam and called them baby-killers. Left-wing nuts even bombed the Pentagon and other targets. Domestic terrorists, like the one who had the now famous tea party with Barack Obama (must have been a tea party, b/c we don't have any word from the Obama campaign about that event) are the antithesis of heroes like John McCain.

McCain will cut funding, and gives examples when asked for them (e.g., look at last night's debate when Bob Schieffer pressed McCain to name specific places to make cuts). Obama will never cut funding because it could endanger his vote-buying programs. When pressed for specifics, he could not name them...this is a recurring theme in the Obama camp.

McCain recognizes and understands the current geopolitical situations that affect this nation's security and our citizens' well-being. Obama clearly does not. While his efforts at community organizing, and his urban liberalism play well with his base, it fails to accept that there are threats out there. Obama has called for de-weaponizing space, reducing our nuclear arsenal, and cutting or reducing funding for combat systems. Meanwhile, foreign powers like Iran, N. Korea, etc, are advancing their development of weapons of mass destruction and long range strategic missile technology. Russia is saber rattling to the extent that they have now test-fired missiles closer than ever to us in the Pacific ocean.

McCain understands supply and demand. You don't like high gas prices? Well, what do you think will happen when we increase the tax burden on companies that fill our gas tanks? (Hint for liberals: The answer is not that the "waters will part and gas prices will fall to just below a nickel a gallon under an Obama Administration).

McCain understands that taxing corporations that employ people will mean that people will be unemployed. Sen. Obama's tax cut is essentially nothing from nothing, once millions of Americans are laid off. Perhaps he's talking about tax cuts for foreign workers that get these American jobs. In the 21st century, it's ridiculous to think that America has a restrictive tax policy for businesses. We're supposed to be pro-business, and for free enterprise, yet we tax businesses at a rate more than 3 times other developed nations do! Sphere: Related Content

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