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Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Scores in the Final Debate

Sen. McCain scored some serious blows in last night's debate. Although we expect that the Drudge poll would show a Republican lead (72% to 27% win for McCain), we are now seeing that even the notoriously left-slanted AOL poll is showing a McCain victory, as well (48% to 45% as of this posting).

Sen. McCain brought up facts and gave specifics over programs he would cut in the federal budget to lower our spending. He only stopped talking about programs because of time constraints, because McCain could go all day on cutting out the pork in gov't. Further, he was accurate in his condemnation of GA Democrat John Lewis's ridiculous comparisons of Republican rallies to racist rallies that were typified by KKK meetings. Meanwhile, Sen. Obama, grasping at straws, brought up a false accusation about people yelling "kill him." The US Secret Service says those accusations are unfounded, and are we now holding candidates accountable for what their supporters say? That's a can of worms the Democrats don't want to open, I assure you.

Final Debate: McCain A- ; Obama C- (like his college grades...or is it? Who knows?) Sphere: Related Content

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