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Friday, January 2, 2009

Manufacturing Fell to 28 Year Low

Fox Business is reporting that manufacturing fell to 28 year lows in 2008. This really shouldn't be that much of a surprise, considering our slumping economy. A free market economy is cyclical in nature, but it generally trends upwards. An economy with government red tape bogging it down has more difficulty. In the long run, we should be prepared, as a nation, to face a further downward trend with manufacturing as we continue to shift paradigms, away from industry and towards technology and information. As a country, we'll have fewer opportunities in manufacturing, but far more opportunties will be gained elsewhere.

JCB is the business guy, so he can tell us what the 32.4 "index" means, but see my earlier post for a general philosophical view...paradigm shift.

Supercomputers operate at many teraflops now (trillions of floating operations per second), yet the human mind supposedly works at a rate of about 10 petaflops (10 quadrillion flops or 10,000,000,000,000,000). In 3-4 years, supercomputers will think faster than we do. In 5-7 years, a standard laptop will.

While it's exciting to think about the possibilities of world's future, we must also remember to maintain a moral compass. Ethics are sometimes lost in the pursuit of scientific research. Science is a useful tool of humanity, but it is only a human interpretation of God's universe...it does not replace it. We can uncover truths, bring the world closer together, and expand our horizons, but we will not uncover absolute truth, bring a utopian society in our time, and reach the end of the universe with scientific quests.

We were a farming nation once before we shifted to an industrial one.

We became a superpower.

The world became more free. Sphere: Related Content

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