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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coleman outlines court challenges

Norm Coleman's legal challenge to the announced recount totals favoring Al Franken by the Canvassing Board appears to be proceeded in a staged approach. As presented to the 3 judge panel appointed to hear the case, the review of disputed absentee ballots would be the initial stage.

Proceeding to follow-on stages would require "a sufficient number of votes" changing from Franken to Coleman.

Some follow-on stages:
  • Investigating the ballots from Minneapolis that election officials say went missing
  • Review ballots with "questionable voter intent"
  • Review whether some voters had more than one ballot counted (a separate legal case is being filed by Coleman supporters on approximately 150 ballots)

If the panel of judges adopts the proposed schedule in Coleman's challenge an outcome isn't expected until March. Franken is proposing a more aggressive timetable to address these same challenges.

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