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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Um, Harry your arrogance is showing

Senator Harry Reid is lighting it up these days.

First he wants to defy the Constitution to prevent Senator Burris (D-IL) from taking his appointed seat in the U.S. Senate because Democrats can do "Whatever we want to do."

Now he makes the brazen statement that Senator Norm Coleman will "never ever serve [again] in the Senate.". Those are some arrogant words considering that the election in Minnesota is far from over, there is not a certified winner, and even if Franken is certified the winner and assumes the seat Coleman is an odds-on favorite to run again after such a narrow and disputed election.

Up for a potentially close election in 2010, the Senate Majority Leader is on the offensive before the legislative agendas have even been discussed. I doubt his actions and words will help bring cross-over Republicans when he needs it most!

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1 comment:

  1. Sen. Reid is funny to watch...the sad part is he has a vote in the Senate.

    You know what I call Republican cross-over voters who support liberals? Democrats. Anyone checking the (D) for Reid, doesn't deserve to be called a Republican.

    Good Democrats:
    Joe Lieberman
    Zell Miller

    I think that's it. Really.


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