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Friday, January 2, 2009

68% of the active duty military not optimistic about Obama

According to a Military Times poll, 68% of active duty military members are not optimistic about Obama as their Commander in Chief!! 35% are uncertain and 25% are pessimistic!

In the same survey, over half thought that President Bush had their best interest at heart. Staggering opinions from the people Obama will rely on to end the war in Iraq, win the long war in Afghanistan, defend this country and its freedom.

As a former military member and combat veteran I know that on the ground it doesn't matter who your Commander in Chief is. The only thing that matters is the mission in front of you. Like all citizens of this country, when you step away from the front, you have to ask who is issuing the orders and why?

I started my military career under President Clinton and proudly ended it under the command of President Bush and I am uncertain of President-elect Obama as our next Commander in Chief.

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