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Friday, November 14, 2008

The "Post" Partisan Era Begins Under Obama

By now it's old news that Rahm Emanuel (the guy who sent rotten fish to a detractor) is the White House Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration. It was really no surprise that the guy who wants to bring back cooperation and get beyond partisanship in Washington chose one of the most ardent left-wingers in Congress to run his Office.

We're hearing reports today that President-elect Obama may, or may not, have offered Sen. Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State position. This would probably please Hillary greatly, but we'll see if there is any truth to this. Foxnews is reporting an unnamed source as saying that the job is "hers."

If that wasn't enough for you to realize that the era of partisanship is over, check out Obama's latest pick: Valerie Jarrett. A member of the Chicago liberal elite, Valerie Jarrett has been one of Obama's chief advisors for quite some time. Born while her father was living in Iran on a cultural mission (he was a medical doctor), she has very pleasant memories of Iran. Quoted as saying "every memory of Iran is a very happy memory," Valerie Jarrett is another left-winger in the Obama administration. So far, we only have 'talk' of including John McCain or any other dissenting viewpoints, so where's the post-partisanship Mr. President-elect?

If you want more proof of Valerie Jarrett's political ideology, just check out the cush piece from Katie Couric (linked above). Sphere: Related Content

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