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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Minnesota, the new Florida

Being a born-n-raised Minnesotan, I've been watching the Coleman-Franken post-election struggles closely. It is in recount status and probably won't know the outcome until mid-December. Below are a few links to get you caught up.

To summarize, Coleman was up by 725 votes after election night. His lead has now been reduced to 206, and the recount hasn't started. A change of 500 votes attributed to clerical errors, questionable! Add in the fact that most of the 500 came from Northeast precincts, the most Democrat-heavy part of the state. Now add in a Democrat Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, who's had extensive involvement with ACORN and similar organizations. This is Lyndon Johnson 1936 style election tampering (see precinct box 13 references).

Both sides have "lawyered up" as they say and are preparing legal fights as they execute the recount. This will drag on as they slowly bleed away the remaining 200+ Coleman lead. Powerline has been detailing the events in MN closely.

As I write this, Democrats have 57 seats secured in the Senate. After recounts Begich (D) is now up by 814 votes over Stevens (R) in Alaska. I'm honestly not saddened by the thought of Stevens departing. He represents the old Republican Party. However, his lose opens the door for 60 Dem. Senators.
If/when they "massage" the votes in favor of Franken, the Dems would then sit at 59 seats. There is the run-off election for the final outstanding seat in Georgia between Chambliss (R) and Martin (D). Obama is keeping his election offices open in GA and will no doubt find a way to pump some money into the runoff. I guess that's where some of the $17 Million dollars they "need" for the transition will go. Look to see the Obama army descend upon Georgia like Sherman marching to the sea.

Signing off...JCB

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  1. Why is it that "new" votes are always for the Democrat? Are they really fooling anyone? How transparent!

    Don't worry about Georgia. There were a lot of Conservatives who went for the third party candidate down there, and they will swing to Chambliss in the 2-way race. Republicans will hold that seat.


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