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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dream on Professor Panarin

In typical Russian fashion, a leading professor claimed recently that the United States is doomed for failure, and an eventual breakup. Igor Panarin says that the United States will break into 6 parts, the details of which are as unimportant as Panarin's opinion about our nation. Claiming that the dollar is backed by nothing, and that our people are suffering from record unemployment and discontent, the Russians think they smell blood. They believe that China and Russia will be the new regulators of the world.

They just don't get it.

The United States is not about a particular race, the dollar, or territory. We have survived, and thrived, as God's greatest contribution to civilization because of freedom. We have free will to act in our daily lives, and the United States is the epitome of that freedom. We need to get the debt down to $0, which means cutting out all deficit spending, lowering the tax burden on productivity, and spending less. A simple return to our Constitutional mandates would reduce our spending to a fraction of current levels. We will dawdle as a nation and eventually do this, but there's no question that our union is strong. That's not something I expect a Russian professor to understand.

Prof. Panarin, have you studied the Great Depression? Unemployment was 2.5 times what is is now, and we faced much more dire circumstances, but somehow the United States pulled through it, stars glowing and stripes blazing! It is Socialism that has never worked, and only an elitist would think that it hasn't worked because they weren't the ones in charge at the time. Instead of looking to Stalin, you need to look to Gorbachev for good policy direction. Freedom is better than fear.

Perhaps you'll also note that our Civil War, the greatest conflict this nation has ever faced (including the cold war), forged our bonds as a single nation, thanks to the Republican President Abe Lincoln!

Let's look at history:

USA -- a complete and unbreakable union
USSR -- the people rebelled against oppression and are now 15 distinct nations

Perhaps Prof. Panarin can learn more about the United States than he can teach us.

Nice try though. I'm sure your propaganda certificate is in the mail. Sphere: Related Content

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