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Sunday, November 16, 2008

$1.70 / Gallon (Tulsa, OK)

If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you're enjoying the lowest gas prices in the nation right now at $1.70/gallon. National averages are diving on lower demand worldwide. Sounds like good news, right? If we were in such dire straits because of Bush's "Failed" policies, as reported in the major news media, wouldn't this signal a bit of hope for American drivers? Apparently not to CBS. Media Research Center gives a good breakdown. This summer, CBS ran a series of negative stories about high gas prices, and the effects on American consumers. More recently, however, they've run stories suggesting that low gas prices are ... BAD NEWS!

Mainstream Programming in a nutshell:

Republican in office: high gas $ = bad news
Republican in office: low gas $ = bad news
Republican in office: liberating Afghanistan = criticize him for failing to do something ahead of time
Republican in office: liberating Iraq = criticize him for jumping the gun

Democrat in office: it's ALL good, blame Bush!

Maybe it's time for Americans to stop watching the mainstream media. Sphere: Related Content

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