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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sen. Collins, Specter, and Snow: A Betrayal of Principles

If we learned anything as an ideology, it's that we cannot be the champion of hard-working Americans by catering to the special interests, the labor unions, and the other liberal entities that exist to steal from the citizens and give to the government. President Bush, although the right man and warrior at a time when we desperately needed him, failed to live up to the fiscal responsibility that our forefathers would have wanted. An $800,000,000,000.00 "stimulus" plan was approved by the House recently, but it was done in an extremely partisan manner (something we'll see as the cornerstone of the Obama Administration until 2011 just as we saw it with the Clinton Administration until 1995). Not one House Republican voted to steal our money to give it to failing organizations or condoms for Kindergartners, yet in the Senate, we see clearly who is and who is not with us, the taxpayers. Both Republican* Senators from Maine (Collins and Snow), and Sen. Specter (R*-PA) have thrown their support behind this grand larceny, and I certainly hope that the old addage is true: an elephant never forgets. As these Republicans* come up for re-election, it's time to step up, and find true Conservatives. The Conservative ideology is not very complicated. The answers are generally fairly easy, but you have to have the courage of your convictions to stand by those decisions. Cut taxes, end government oppression and intrusion into every aspect of Americans' lives, support our military strength, and let the people who made America great, make American greater still. This economic downturn is obvious, but the reasons for it seem to escape many (especially in the press).

We haven't exactly been a free market economy during the past century or two (the SEC, anti-trust laws, incessant government regulations and even price caps...yes price caps!), and that's been our downfall. Liberals will tell you that we weren't socialist** enough, and that we should try it now. The truth is, however, without all of the past government "intervention" we would have probably been in great shape economically. With trillions (some say as high as $13 trillion) of U.S. dollars invested overseas to avoid our unfriendly environment to business (yes, America is no longer business-friendly, how do you like that?), and a ton of government waste, it should be obvious that a reversal in our socialist** policy decades ago would have done wonders for us. Instead of being in debt by $10-12 trillion, we'd be a few trillion in the green.

Imagine... (Do the Wayne's World doodley-doo doodley-doo noise here):

President McCain issued his 2015 Budget Request to the House of Representatives today, with spending totalling somewhere on the order of $500 billion dollars. Conservative groups created an outcry against the McCain Administration's over-spending, but backed down when the President showed the balanced checkbook. The US Savings Account has now over $1.2 trillion, so the 2010 budget will require $0 tax revenues. Since the 2011 passage of the FairTax, the federal government has doubled annual tax revenues by eliminating tax burdens on productivity, and yet the need for numerous government programs has been reduced by upwards of 85% for the past 2 years. President McCain says that after spending all of the budget for 2015, he expects to have approximately $700billion left in savings, yet the 2015 revenue projects from the FairTax are expected to put $2 trillion back into the government purse. The liberal groups criticized the $1.3 trillion budget surplus, but seeing the need to ensure that the US Government doesn't have too much liquidity, the President ordered a second Mars colony developed by NASA. Unfortunately, the discovery of a super alloy 2" below the Martian surface that weighs less than tin foil and is stronger than any material on earth suggests that once again the American revenues will fly through the roof. In international news, the U.S. officially paid off the debts of all 3rd World Nations, which is already paying dividends worldwide. Terrorists are ostracized in their own home nations, and we are seeing for the first time, a global trends towards true cooperation.

In Sports, the Atlanta Braves have done it again! Six World Series in a Row and over the Minnesota Twins each and every time!...


denotes term used loosely
** often called "progressive"

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  1. Though I enjoyed the slam of the Porkulus Package--I noticed an error in this post. I'm pretty sure the Twinkies whoop the Braves this time around...I can't remember specifics, but I think one of the Braves overruns first, and in his rush to get back to the bag, he knocks himself off.

    Or maybe that was the 91 Series I'm thinking of.

  2. I can see your confusion, but actually the first baseman pulls the Braves player's leg off of the bag, and the umpire is actually not on some bookie's payroll this time, and the interference call is made. Braves sweep the Series.


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