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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Culture of Death

Nadya Suleman is a 33 year old single mother who recently delivered 8 babies (octuplets), while she already had 6 other children (who were born together as sextuplets). Her doctor implanted her with the 8 embryos, figuring that many do not make it through the entire pregnancy.

Miracle 1: they did.

While a traditional family (with a husband and wife serving as father and mother for their children) is known to be the best situation in which to raise children in our society, and while there are ethical dilemmas with medical fertilization when we begin to see the press coverage of Nadya and her 14 children we see the culture of death emerge.

Here are only a few excerpts from ONE STORY about Nadya [and my responses]:

Ann Curry: “People feel, you know, this woman is being completely irresponsible and selfish to bring these children in the world without a clear source of income and enough help to raise them.”
[Ann, I suppose you're supporting the definition of a traditional family, and you aren't calling her children an irresponsible mistake? Just let me know where the non-profit foundation's email address is that NBC has set up for this woman and her 14 innocent children.]

NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Snyderman: “There’s a phenomenal risk to eight babies. Eight babies, by definition, cannot be born normal weight and robust.”
[Cannot be born normal? Dr.*Snyderman, you seem to fail to realize just one thing: the children are doing exceptionally well, growing larger and stronger everyday. We'll just put an asterisk by that little fatalistic statement of fact and call it a theory...just like I'm putting the asterisk by your title...doctors should by definition support life, not death. You're playing for the wrong team.]

NBC’s Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz: “Undoubtedly these eight children are going to have issues: at the minimum, the issue of neglect… There will probably be developmental delays at best in these children; maybe learning disabilities. There are going to be major issues that they’re going to need various therapies for.”
[Wow! Imagine that! A Psychiatrist that believes 8 patients will "need various therapies." Now there's a shock. Moron.]

I understand the discussions about a welfare state, traditional families, medical ethics, and the like, but you are all missing the point here if you're debating this now. These are 8 living, breathing human beings with souls. They do not deserve your condemnation. Nadya's only crime is that she isn't involved in a gay relationship and that she didn't abort 7 of the children at 8.5 months of pregnancy. That would, at least, give her some media sympathy. Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps it's time to stop casting stones, and offer a donation or two to Nadya's children? Sphere: Related Content

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