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Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's National Security Team

As Liberals shreeek at the media-labelled "centrist" cabinet, it is time for them ask, what is Obama's Management style? Don't know? Not sure? Confused...?

Let me help you out. Obama is either a top-down or bottom-up leader. In top-down fashion, he will dictate policy and his cabinet secretaries will execute on message. In bottom-up fashion, they will collaboratively form policy, his will be the voice, and they will execute. Bush was a bottom-up guy, he relied on the best and brightest to brainstorm ideas and then in a corporate style reviewed the options and he made a decision. I get the feeling Obama will be doing the same except with more group decision oriented approach. Having no business experience, it will not be a surprise for him to take a legislative approach. He and his team will gather and whoever is most persuasive will probably define more policy.

An interesting diversion from the past is that we may have a stronger voice in SECSTATE than SECDEF. Not to say that Gates is a pushover, he definitely doesn't seem that way. But when next to Hillary, Obama and his political team will be susceptible to the Clinton aura. There has long been an intra-cabinet fight for power between SECDEF and SECSTATE. Not since Kissinger has there been a stronger persona to reclaim SECSTATE status which has been waining the past few decades. Always an important position in the cabinet, SECDEF has a dominating budget and AOR (area of responsibility).

Jim Jones and Janet Napolitano round out this interesting cast of characters on Obama's National Security Team. Jim Jones is an interesting pick for ANSA, as he is not confirmed by Congress. He is likely a counter-punch to Hillary, known as a strong negotiator with a non-confrontational style. Seen as a rising star in the Democratic party, Janet's credentials for Homeland Security seem weak and more appropriate for Attorney General. Known to be a good Manager, she will likely have a little voice amongst the booms of Gates and Clinton.

It is smart to keep Gates on. He can successfully execute the closer or Iraq and give Obama the cover he needs to see it through the end of the negotiated SOFA (2011). He has a partnership with Petraeus and respect across party lines that Barack will need in order to win the long war in Afghanistan. Plus, he has the personality needed to make the drastic defense cuts Barack will need in order to deliver on his campaign promises. Gates will be there for 12-18 months and then replaced.

It is said that an Administrations policies are as successful as the cabinet personalities. The question is whether Obama can herd these cats towards his goals. Meanwhile, his appointments have the Liberal Sharks in a tizzy!!

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