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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Car Czar, Drug Czar, what next?

As I wrote about previously, the Democrats are using bait and switch tactics to, I fear, expand the power and control of the Federal Government. The example I used was the call for more oversight of the auto-manufactures manifested in the idea of a Car Czar.

What concerns me is the abuse of such a position by a egregious ideologue intent on shaping the auto-industry to some predisposed outcome. You can see by recent news that this particular position's authority is expanding by the day. If they do make the mistake of bailing out the U.S.-based auto-makers, I hope there are defined terms for repayment, defined dates for renegotiated agreements, and specific Congressional oversight, administration, and issuance of the moneys.

My question is "what next?". What Czar-like authority will Obama and the Democrats appoint and build? Not one that will damage or question any of their constituents, I can assure you of that.

Think the auto-industry would have a shot at this time of hand-out in a Republican controlled Congress? It comes down to who your constituents are. Democrats have lived off of the coal miners votes in Appalachia for the past 65 years. They are about to part ways. Obama's desire to bankrupt the coal industry will likely happen in the next decade or two through the subsidizing of alternative fuels and exclusion of investment in clean coal. There won't be outrage or calls for a bailout of this industry, why? They are no longer voting Democrat religiously and with Obama they have a new strategy for victory.

You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. Good 'ol Boys!!

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