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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kingston Fossil Plant spill is the beginning of the end for coal

In 15-20 years if someone will write an obituary for the U.S. Coal Industry, the Kingston Fossil Plant spill will signal the beginning of the end. Like 3 Mile Island for nuclear power, these images will be shown again and again as a means to kill coal.

Experts predict that in order for Obama to meet his ecologic goals in the next 10 years he will need to essentially kill the coal industry. Irony, before the election it was leaked that Obama has that very intention.

There are even expensive campaigns focused on "killing the canary" and energy diversification that clearly omits clean coal from the future investment.

Oh, and don't expect any type of industry rescue or bailout from this government, that is reserved for loyal constituents. Prepare for the worst Appalachia, its coming!!

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