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Friday, December 12, 2008

What is Bush thinking?

President Bush is considering using a portion of the $700B approved Bailout money to help the Big 3. Unbelievable!!

As Republican (and a few Democrats) Senators prepared to reject the bill passed by the House, after the UAW rejected the terms proposed by the GOP Senate Leadership. To my understanding, the approved bailout passed by the House included language that would require the UAW wages to be renegotiated to be more in-line with the other (profitable) U.S. auto-manufacturers. GOP Senators wanted a timetable to ensure that the agreement would take place within a reasonable time, the UAW response... No Way! Heisman! Bye-bye.

Well, if that isn't an indicator of their commitment to fundamental change required in the terms of the bailout agreement, what else? They obviously wanted to appear willing to consider change but would fight any concessions, that's the Union mentality. Commitment without accountability is an open door to subversion.

Of course, we get the usual attempt to vilify the GOP as Union killers. The GOP Senators need to sell the reason why they are opposing this, lack of accountability and commitment to correcting the problems.

Meanwhile, the President is hinting at working to pacify the inept? Huh? Why? If he thinks that helping the auto-makers & unions will be remembered positively, wrong! If he thinks that taking this action will help the economy and the perception that he helped bring us out of this downturn, wrong! Barack will get all of that credit.

Don't do it Mr. President. GM and Chrysler need Chapter 11.

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  1. I hear you. Where has Bush gone with nothing to lose he is still pandering. Glad to hear antoher conservative in CO. Feel free to check out my blog. http://conservatismrevisted.blogspot.com/

  2. This was the President's fundamental failure as a Republican; he thought he could gain could favor and govern from the center by catering to the needs of certain liberal groups. He thought he could be strong on terror (a good thing), in favor of tax cuts (a good thing), while increasing the federal government's role in our lives with disastrous education 'reform' bills (a bad thing) and a complete failure to cut spending (a bad bad thing).

  3. I want to know how come in the constitution it states, "the government shall not make loans" yet we are offering bailout on the government dime? Maybe this is just another thing that us mere citizens don't understand and require a Harvard law degree to define what cannot make loans means.


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