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Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama Administration to Vets: "Pay your own healthcare."

I honestly thought this story was another one of those publicity seeking tactics from some Conservative alarmists (we have them in our party just as the Liberals have them, although not to the same extent), but it seems that the VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has admitted that the Obama Administration was looking to charge military servicemembers for their own healthcare. While such a proposal would never pass even a Democratically-controlled Congress, the hypocrisy is so astounding that I think we have to create a new hypocrisy-meter.

We can start with a simple definition of the term:

hypocrisy - saying one thing and doing another, claiming you are against earmarks and signing a bill with thousands of earmarks totalling billions of dollars, calling for an era of responsibility while bailing out failing corporations, criticizing the previous administration for secret closed door meetings with energy companies while having secret closed door meetings with union leaders, saying that you will reduce taxes for American families while increasing taxes for those who dare to attempt to stimulate the economy and actually create jobs.... Sphere: Related Content

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  1. You would think that here in America we could definitely treat our veterans a little better though, or at least as well as the people who mistakenly bought a house with 3-400 square feet more than they could afford. . .


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