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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

H.R. 1238 meet H.R. 794

Rep. Shadegg (R-AZ) has introduced legislation this week in H.R. 1238, which seeks:

"To prohibit the presence in the United States of any alien formerly detained at the Department of Defense detention facility at Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."

If you'll recall, Rep. Lamborn (R-CO) introduced H.R. 794 earlier this session that only protects the State of Colorado, and it seems that these two Republicans should sit down and have a talk. Both bills seek to basically do the same thing, but we have fracture within the Republican party when we see dual bills for the same topic. As a minority party, we have limited opportunities to protect the American taxpayer, and protect our country from harm. We cannot afford to split up our forces and lose vote after vote. To be effective, and to have any sort of impact, we have to move as a party, and come together in the defense of Conservative ideals.

It's been said many times, and it is worth repeating: Pres. Obama, in only one month, has projected more spending for our taxpayers than Presidents Washington through Bush (43). With the government now owning 77% of AIG, and billions more in bailouts to corporations in exchange for "preferred stock," calls for the "Fair"ness Doctrine, and socialized medicine coming on the scene, this nation has just moved ever closer to socialism.

When our children look back at these moments in our national history, some will wonder when the following words were spoken:

One small step for government interventionism, one giant leap for socialism.

Rep. Boehner, you have to bring this party together, and make sure that our efforts are not wasted with numerous bills that do the same thing. Republican Representatives and Senators, you have to come together and be a force of defiance against the liberal move towards big government. This is not mere politics, this is our lives.

As Conservatives we cannot stop big government for the next 2 years...we can only hope to contain it. While we cannot stop votes on stimulus bill after stimulus bill, we can slow the spending of the money until such time as we retake the majority in Congress, and pass bills removing this burden on the taxpayers.

I commend Rep. Lamborn for trying to protect Colorado from harboring these terrorists, as well as Rep. Shadegg for proposing this new legislation in H.R. 1238, but we have to have one bill that says simply:

No terrorists will be harbored in the United States. They can be executed or sent to nations that will accept them. Sphere: Related Content

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