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Thursday, April 9, 2009

President Declines to Comment on Pirates

Apparently the President of the United States doesn't feel that the first pirate hijacking of an American vessel in 205 years doesn't warrant his time or efforts...I mean after all, they are "monitoring" the situation, isn't that good enough for you people?!

For those of you who don't think this is a serious issue, you'd better look again. Consider that for your entire lifetime, and the lifetimes of your parents and grandparents (and even further back depending on your age) pirates dared not mess with the United States. Our clout and military might meant that if you were a citizen of this nation, that pays taxes in this country, elects your own representation, and flies the stars and stripes on your vessel, you were probably safe from this type of terrorism.

We know what is says about the Somali terrorists that they are stupid enough to attack an American ship, but what does it say about our President that he has "no comment" to an act of war?! Are we going to tolerate another Bill Clinton-style policy of waiting, reacting with useless words, and appealing to the United Nations for our own national security? Do any of you remember the night after the first WTC bombings when Pres. Clinton, rather than declare war on those who would kill Americans and commit terrorist acts on our own soil, called the matter a law enforcement issue...as if you could arrest and prosecute bits and pieces of what remains of a suicide bomber.

Pres. Jefferson had it right, and he sent the military to take care of pirates. Pres. Obama has no comment. Sphere: Related Content

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